The Company FINCIMECspa, pertaining to the FINCIMEC GROUP, was established at the beginning of the 70’s with a share capital of 2,1 millions of €.

The company has, from then on, developed its national and international activity either as contractor in the supplying, construction and erection of important industrial projects ( piping, iron structures, heavy equipment lifting and machinery assembling ) either as specialist in the carrying out of big jobs of maintenance and revamping.

Employing, as top means, technology, organization and good feeling with its staff at any level ( the turn-over average is very low in Fincimec ) and, moreover, the experience acquired in 36 years of activity, Fincimec has surely reached a remarkable level of availability in the execution of the contract awarded to it under the point of view of safety, quality, planning and all the other terms required from the Client.

Operational Headquarter:
R.da M. d’Azeglio 1, I-28100 Novara (NO)

Administrative Headquarter:
V.le Lunigiana, 22, I-20125 Milano (MI)